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Marathon Mining

Marathon Mining provides turnkey construction services and solutions to the mining industry.

Surface Exploration Services

Marathon Drilling provides fly in, drive in or drag surface diamond drilling services for mining companies. We have 30 years of experience in four season and remote location exploration drilling.

Road and General Construction

From rough logging roads through swamps to more finished surfaces, Marathon Drilling has a large fleet of heavy construction equipment and experienced operators to support these projects.

Tailing Pond Construction

Marathon Drilling has extensive experience in the design and construction of large and small Tailings and Settling ponds. We can help provide practical solutions to complex environmental issues and concerns.

Site Clearing and Development

Once resources have be found and a mine is in the early stages of development, Marathon Drilling can help prepare the area for construction. These site services typically include clearing and building site preparation and project management.

Underground Drilling and Blasting

Marathon Drilling has solid technical expertise in underground drilling and blasting projects. All of our employees engaged in these activities hold certificates in these specialized services to ensure appropriate levels of safety and competency at all stages.

Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling

Marathon Drilling has an extensive fleet of truck and track mounted Central Mine Equipment drill rigs to perform geotechnical and environmental drilling programs. These programs can be at the initial mine start up as part of a required environmental assessment and compliance or ad hock due diligence projects for ongoing environmental monitoring.

Raise Boring / Vertical and Angle Shaft Drilling

As part of its overall fleet, Marathon Drilling has several raised boring machines capable of drilling large diameter rock holes between sub surface mine levels and to surface. These shafts can be used to install utilities, ventilation or can be used as egress for miners.

Horizontal Drilling For Utility Installation

Marathon drilling has over 30 years of horizontal Trenchless Technology expertise. This technology includes Pipe Jacking, Pipe Ramming, Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) projects, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Pipe Bursting and Hand Tunneling.

Mine Plant Tear Down and Relocation

There are times when you have to install new equipment and plant as part of ongoing operations or tear it down to install it on another site. We have solid experience in tearing down and relocating plant equipment and would be pleased to assist you should the need arise.

Project Management

Marathon Drilling has thousands of hours of heavy construction project management experience. Our superintendents have tackled some highly complex and technically challenging projects. We have the expertise to assist you in providing turnkey project management services to augment and assist your existing staff for the duration of a short term construction project.

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