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Raise Boring

A raise borer is a boring machine, typically used in mining operations, to excavate a circular hole between two levels of a mine without the use of explosives. While it is traditionally a specialized tool, it is quite versatile and has many applications in general construction projects. It can be used in sewer and water main projects, for example, to connect new vertical utility ‘tie in’ services to horizontal utilities installations.

The raise borer is set up on the upper level of the two levels to be connected, on an evenly laid platform (typically a concrete pad). A pilot hole is drilled to the level required. Once the drill has broken into the opening on the target level, the bit is removed and a reamer head, of the required diameter of the excavation, is attached to the drill string and raised back towards the machine. The drill cuttings from the reamer head fall to the floor of the lower level. The finished raise has smooth walls.

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